The Empire of Dorwine


Population: The Empire of Dorwine has a total population of 14.7 million people.
Settlements: Conwy (2,545,234), Toacot* (1,565,000), Healey (1,435,342), Gawic (1,343,355)
Popular Locations: Caerne Woods. The Ruins of Dene Stronghold, Dreaming Forest

Dorwine is the oldest Empire, so far lasting 2,499 years. However, it is currently under turmoil due to the Anoncar Reniassance. Dorwine was founded at the end of The First War, when the King of one of the “Ancient Kingdoms” died in his sleep.

Dorwine recently has lost a chunk of land that has become known as Aren, after the Dorwine Civil War.

Dorwine is famous for having a high elf population in the Dreaming Forest, Ashwood Forest, and Caerne Woods – they all claim to have settled these woods thousands of years before Dorwine was a nation.


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