The Empire of Noronde


Population: The Empire of Noronde has a total population of 8.8 million people.
Settlements: Wrafeld(1,854,000), Latun(743,234), Helliene(342,234)
Popular Locations: Caer Melio, Ruins of Castle Ravenloft, Zuri’s Deep, Barad Eglin, The Shrine of Eternal Night, The Ruins of Boobury Tower.

The Empire of Noronde was was a number of smaller Kingdoms that formed an alliance roughly 700 years ago, making Noronde roughly seven-hundred years old itself. The western border of Noronde is The Sea of Ghosts, the northern border is The Sea of Chrene, to the east, Noronde claims the Forest of shadows, but its border runs jagged down to the top of The Dark Peaks. The border wraps around, encompassing the Tunsibo Jungle , then sharply cuts down at an angle, until it reaches the Mistfen River.

The Empire of Noronde is famous for it’s once war-like status, often clashing with The Barbarian Tribes in The Silver Tundra and Olis to the south. In the last one-hundred years, Noronde has become peaceful, and they now have a strong alliance with Olis.


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