The Holy Dominion of Orloth


Population: The Holy Dominion of Orloth has a total population of 4.5 million people.
Settlements: Camor (740,792), Bedon (220,396), Chuddly (15,560), Sadale(114,843)
Popular Locations: Goodwe Keep, The Tower of Axach

Drawing it’s border with the Pene Vale to the west, the Savage Sea to the north and east, and the Wildlands to the south, The Holy Dominion of Orloth is a nation founded on faith. Established only 140 years ago, 95% of the population of Orloth are followers of Sarenrae, Shelyn, or Iomedae.

So far, they have been relatively peaceful with other countries, though there have been whispers of a planned Crusade against Aren.


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