Vinimress, the Dominion of the Golden Throne


Population: The Dominion of Vinimress has a total population of 11 million people.
Settlements: Blehill (1,802,324), The Jungle of Fangs (405,000), Ynlaith Vale (395,234), Pene Valen (1,453,234), Hma Jungle (1,124,153)
Popular Locations: Graywall Mountains, The Bastion of the Wraith Prince, Poisoned Weald

Vinimress, the Dominion of the Golden Throne is considered the main Elvish presence on Hargothrion. Of the eleven million citizens of Vinimress, almost 90% of them are Elvish or half-Elvish. The biggest issue with this is that there is a great deal of racism within Vinimress, as different areas value different types of elves differently. Ynlaith Vale is famous for being 99% Drow.

Vinimress claims to be an ageless Dominion, and claims that they were there at the beginning of time, born from the trees themselves – this is widely disputed, and Vinimress has only been recognized in it’s sovereignty for the last six-hundred years.


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